Make your Own Rainwater Tank

Once the base is set, you will have to provide a solid support system for the barrel. Without the support system the barrel may lose its balance and fall down during heavy rain and winds. Therefore the supporting column should be made up of strong materials. It is basically some masonry stacked onto one another. These blocks support each other and distribute the weight of the barrel among them, preventing it from falling. While fixing down the blocks make sure you don’t fix them very near. Draw a plan and stick to it, it will help you in maintaining the accuracy.

Rigging up the holes in tank

After completing all the above steps, next thing is to make all the necessary holes in the barrel so as to start the water flow through it. Basically you need two holes, one for drawing the water and other to allow water to drop in the rainwater tanks from the roof. You should be extra precautions while installing the pipe from the roof to the barrel, which will carry the water. Make sure the pipe is a little below from the level of the terrace so as to facilitate the gravitational flow of water. Also you will need to put a filter at that point so that the debris and insects can be prevented from entering the barrel.

Rainwater is mostly pure since it does not contain chlorine. However, this can be a major cause of it getting contaminated. Hence care should be taken so such occurrences can be avoided and one must take necessary precautions to keep it clean.