Shade Structures For Hospitality Premises

For diners, an outdoor dining area can be a great option where they can enjoy their food in leisure amidst the open atmosphere. However, the scorching summer sun can make them uncomfortable and avoid your restaurant if you cannot provide them with some shade. What better way of doing so than installing a few outdoor umbrellas at individual tables!

The best sized umbrella should be at least four feet extra in diameter than the diameter of the table it covers. However, too many large umbrellas within a small area can make it look crowded, even if outdoors. It should be of the exact height so as to provide enough shade without being too low. Seven or eight foot height umbrellas are standard. You can also opt for tilted varieties that can be rotated for better shade throughout the day as the sun moves from east to west. And do keep in mind the wind factor; in extremely windy places it’s best to opt for fibreglass umbrellas that are more flexible than the standard aluminium varieties.

Choosing a Shade Sail for Hospitality Premises

Shade sails are another wonderful option of providing just the perfect shade for your outdoor hospitality premises. These colourful sails can immediately make any outside dining area so jazzy and inviting. The sails are available in different shapes such as triangle and square and any number of sizes. These can also be customized by experienced designers for maximum aesthetic appeal and functional value. And the best part is that shade structures offer just the perfect shade for your esteemed customers. When they sit outside and enjoy their coffee or meals, the shades above ensure almost 98% protection against UV rays of the harsh Australian sun.