Understanding the Safeness of Your Solar Power

One of the safe source of energy is the solar power. Energy captured from the sun is then converted into electricity by the photovoltaic cells. But keep in mind that every technology has some risks and issues attached with it. There is a general lack of consensus among scientists about the solar energy being a safer option and impacting on the global warming scenario. You need to be aware of the following points before opting for the solar power within your premises.

Adverse weather conditions

A flood or a storm would prove to be detrimental for your solar power installations. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to switch off the Solar PV system so as to prevent damage. Flood waters entering the complex wiring system can cause a fatal shock if not shut down properly.

Solar panels and cancer risks

Solar panels absorb and reflect solar energy which is actually energized particles. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and allergies. Solar panels use crystalline silicon which is a potent carcinogen and a cause cancer if released in to the atmosphere.

The ill effects of the solar power and other installations have not researched completely. The large subsidies given by the government have been keeping the prices in check but there are several hidden costs involved in the installation and use of solar power. Moreover the solar power manufacturers and installers are part of a large unregulated industry and the design, manufacture, installation; operation and final decommissioning have not been researched completely. There are considerable safety requirements which need to be adhered by the contractor and it is important that you need to understand the complexity of the process before opting for solar power.