Tips To Clean Your Carpet At Home

You can save money by doing carpet cleaning at home. Instead of spending huge sums on cleaning services each time the carpets get dirty, discover tips to do the job yourself. In addition, the materials and tools in these simple procedures are easily available in your local store.

Failure to clean your carpet regularly will lead to accumulation of dirt and filth. The result is a poor quality carpet and unhygienic environment. While meticulous cleaning prolongs your carpet’s life, home occupants and visitors enjoy a healthy odor-free atmosphere. Practice the following approaches of carpet cleaning at home. 

Hot water extraction

Also referred to as steam cleaning, hot water extraction is perhaps the most common method. You only need to invest in a proper steam cleaner unit. First, apply ordinary detergent generously on all parts of the carpet. Wait for 10 minutes to allow it to seep into the fibers.

Next, use a hard-bristle brush to scrub the detergent. This should loosen any solid matter and problematic stains. Add clean water to the tank of the hot water extraction unit. Using dirty water may cause more trouble than benefits.

Rinse away all detergent from the surface of the carpet, until the water runs clean off the carpet. Failure to do so will leave patches of detergent behind, which in turn causes stains. Hang the carpet and let the water dry off. To speed up this process, use a drying fan. Do not keep a damp carpet in the house, as it will attract mold and mildew. 

Cleaning powder

You can choose from a variety of powders with which to clean your carpet. Examples include ordinary baking soda and powdered carpet cleaners. To start this carpet cleaning procedure, sprinkle enough powder evenly over the carpet.

Leave the powder to seep into the carpet fibers, preferably for 30 minutes. If there are tough stains, leave the powder there overnight. Cleaning powders are usually scented, and consume the foul odor from the carpet. Finally, vacuum off the powder using your ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is yet another approach of cleaning carpets effectively. While different manufacturers have different instructions for applying their brands, read the label carefully. For example, if it needs to be diluted with water, do not use it concentrated. 

Ensure you do not apply too much shampoo. Doing this wastes the product while increasing the carpet’s drying time. If there are stubborn stains, scrub them off with a hard-bristle brush. After drying the carpet, shampoo it for maximum cleanliness. 

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