A Guide to Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashbacks

Large panels used in kitchen offer protection from food or liquid splashes on work surfaces, walls behind sinks and cookers. This panel is known as splashback in UK and backsplash in North America. There are lots of options in kitchen splashbacks to choose from like glass and plastic. But the best kind of splashback is that made of stainless steel.

A stainless steel splashback is not only hygienic but very modern and contemporary looking and everlasting as well. There are a multitude of other benefits associated with stainless steel splashbacks.

What is a stainless steel splashback?

Stainless steel splashbacks mainly comprise of sheets of stainless steel, installed on kitchen walls just behind sinks, stoves and food preparation benches. It helps in the protection of walls behind from oil, grease, steam, food splatters and spills and moisture. Heat-protection, easy to clean are some of other features of the panel.

There can be basically two types of stainless steel splashbacks – custom made and off the shelf. The basic advantage of custom made splashbacks is that they are meant to fit exact requirements. Any unusual size or shapes required to be cut out in the splashback can be easily done.

Many people have the notion that stainless steel splashback means a shiny piece of metal, but that is definitely not true. Depending on your kitchen decor you can opt for the traditional shiny stainless steel fitting but you are not limited to using this kind only.

Kitchen is one of the most used place in our home. Therefore, a thorough cleaning is necessary. Hire a professional home cleaner for this.

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