Choosing a Pest Inspector

A structural pest inspecting company should have a good track record to show for the number of years it is in business. It should have enough experience in detecting pest-related problems especially similar to yours.

A pest inspection company must be certified and the pest inspector must have a licence from the Pest Control Board. This is proof that a professional is doing pest and building inspections Brisbane and you are assured that he will identify the vulnerable termite areas and suggest proper solutions.

A trained pest inspector will be able to identify and locate termites in places that are not visible to the naked eye. He will also suggest certain additions such as proper floor ventilations in the house to prevent further infestation of termites.

Ask for a Written Report

Most people buy homes on the basis of its size, personal budgets and location. Individual property buyers never think of looking for tell tale signs of structural weakness. With the help of pest control, it will throw light on signs of severe damage that can turn out to be fatal in the long run.

Based on the information collected through thorough building inspections, you can negotiate a better sale price or choose a safer property instead. Telltale signs of structural weakness will reveal how strong the walls of the property are, whether there is any major internal problem, whether the material the building is made of is durable etc.

Without it, you won’t know the true value of your property

In most cases, individual property buyers buy property at the rate a seller sells it at. They do not negotiate because they don’t know the true potential or value of the property. The true value of a property is calculated on the basis of its present state, extent of use and damage if any, state of internal work like walls, pipelines and electrical work.

If these minor aspects are in a bad condition, the price of the property should be lesser than other homes in the same location or area. Building inspections help reveal the true value of property through its inspection report. So the next time you wonder how a peer purchased property at low rates, you will find half the answer in the building inspection report.

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