Skip Bin Hire

There are certain items that cannot be disposed using skip bins. You must know what your garbage contains in order to be sure that you can use a skip bin for the same. Liquid wastes, electronic items like television and refrigerator, tyres, tin cans, batteries and toxic or hazardous items cannot be dumped in a skip bin.

Level of the bin

You cannot heap the skip bin over the top of the walls as it is illegal. Therefore you must correctly estimate if a single bin will be adequate for the disposable material.

Special requirements

It is mandatory to comply with legal requirements regarding the size of the skip for disposing certain special waste items like glass, bio or food item wastes, etc. You must also find out if disposal of heavy weight goods like soil etc requires a particular dimension of skip bin. Buying skip bins can work out to be expensive in the long run.

Contacting the service

You can reach skip bins hire through telephone or email. However you must clarify all the details before signing up for the service. You must specify your requirement details such as time and duration, size, location where the bin is required, etc. you must also clarify if the wastes you intend to dispose have any specific legal constraints.

Before you approach any skip bin hire companies, it is essential that you identify your waste. This way you will not end up paying unnecessarily for the wrong bin.


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