A Guide to Essential Work Equipment in a Commercial Kitchen

Setting up your own commercial kitchen can be exciting, challenging and expensive. A commercial kitchen is not just a residential kitchen on a large scale. You need to source all the right equipments that are specially crafted for use in commercial kitchens. Pick and choose your equipments with care so that your chef is not restricted in his skills due to lack of apparatus.

Keep in mind several factors like the diversity of the menu, size of the kitchen and number of guests you plan to serve. The equipment must also be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use by multiple hands. If you are a newbie, you can save a lot of money by considering kitchen equipment rental services instead of buying all that expensive apparatus at the very beginning.

Irrespective of the kind of food you prepare or number of diners you serve, all professionally managed commercial kitchens must have a few essential equipments to prepare and serve the food on time.

Equipments to Prepare the Food

A wide variety of apparatus and devices are absolutely essential for your commercial kitchen to function optimally. When you plan to feed a large number of people quickly or offer fancy dishes to your patrons you need the right type and number of food stations to prepare the soups, sauces, blends or fries.

Indispensible items would include woks in different sizes, deep fryers, girdles, grills, wok equipments like ladles and spatula, multipurpose cooking range and ovens. You will also need sauce pans, sauté pans and sheet pans. To prepare the raw material you must have good quality knives, choppers, blenders, defrosting equipment, colanders, mixing bowls, sieve, chopping board and mitts. And of course, do not forget on your list the dishwashers!

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