Dealing with Difficult Team Members

Most people carry a load of personal problems in their mind throughout the day. Their maybe issues at home or in their personal life which affects their mood in the workplace. As a team leader, you can help them to overcome their anxieties and depressions and rise above their personal mess.

Every person can become productive if given the right incentive, atmosphere and encouragement. As a team leader, it is your biggest challenge to understand why a particular team member is being difficult and help him/her conquer their troubles. You must always try to respond in a positive manner instead of taking a radical approach.

Be Firm

Sometimes, a difficult team member can be extremely manipulative. Not only will he avoid following the standard office norms, he will influence others to follow suit. The rot can spread quickly if not confronted strictly from the very beginning. Talk to such members, explain what is expected from them and give them time to rectify themselves.

Don’t be overly considerate towards such members who are experts at taking advantage of a sympathetic gesture. Some members are regular late comers or avoid taking responsibilities. Discuss their shortcomings and allow them to improve their performance. However, if nothing works, don’t hesitate to take disciplinary action as such people can slowly but surely ruin the workplace atmosphere.

Don’t be unnecessarily aggressive or bossy all the time. The best team leader knows how to extract the maximum from his team without losing his cool. Remember that team work is a joint effort and you are dependent on your teammates for completion of projects. Understand the personality of each team member and know how to handle them accordingly.