Restorative Hair Transplant Surgery

The technique of Hair Transplant Surgery is not a new concept to the society. This medical technology has benefitted many who felt depressed due to balding of the forehead and early loss of hair. This is one of the humankind’s best effort towards providing physical beauty and mental strength to individuals. It is a blessing for individuals who are suffering from premature baldness. Hair Transplantation is not just fixing strands of hairs in places where baldness has taken over. The process is an extended one when it is looked from an end-to-end angle. The beauty of the treatment is, the follow up treatment is relatively stress free.

Beginning point of Hair Trans Plant Surgery

People who intend to go in for Hair Plant Surgery has to undergo a thorough check-up by quailed Medical Professionals available for the purpose. The density of the hair in the current situation, the strength of the roots of available hair on the head, and the nature of scalp among the many other things shall assess by the experts during the check up. This initial round of diagnosis may complete in a single sitting or go on for multiple sessions. Some patients may have to take Vitamins. They will have to apply Topical Minoxidil regularly on the scalp as per medical advice. Some patients may have benefited with these before the real Hair Transplant Surgery.

Types of Hair Harvesting Methods

Hair transplantation requires careful execution. Precision skill is very essential for the treatment. During the initial period of the introduction of the treatment, it has been doing manually but presently advanced transplanting machines undertake the process. The process includes taking out healthy hair with roots from the donor side of the head and transplanted to the bald section. The grated area is calling as recipient site.

Hair Transplant Surgery starts with the donor site and ends in the Recipient Site. Hair can harvest from the Donor Site in two different ways. One is calling as Strip Harvesting, and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction. Two other methods of extraction of hair from the Donor Sites are Follicular Unit Transplant and Robotic Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation techniques are not only useful for restoring hair in the bald area. Using Hair Transplant Surgery face-lift can offer to the Chest area, Eyelashes, Pubic area, Eyebrows, and Beard area. These surgeries have their own medical terminologies like Eyebrow Transplantation, Androgenetic Alopecia, and Frontal hairline construction methods. With the advancements medical field has experienced in the recent years, Hair Transplantation today has become yet another child’s play.

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