Health Benefits of Herbal Tea Bags

If you think that herbal tea bags are harmful drinks, think again. If they are harmful, why do people recommend the products? Before concluding, it pays to take a glimpse about the different health benefits incorporated in this kind of drink.

Reasons why dropping these myths and start sipping herbal tea bags is a must:

• First and foremost, herbal tea bags have medicinal properties that help in cancer prevention. Just like rust-resistant paints that prevent outdoor furniture and fixtures from rusting, your favourite cup of tea has antioxidants that guard you against heart attacks and ageing.

• A lesser amount of caffeine than a cup of hot brewing coffee! Coffee has three to four times more caffeine content than tea. In case you are sceptical about the quality of boiled tea leaves then use herbal tea bags for the right flavour minus harmful content. In the event that consuming espresso gives you a headache, irritation, indigestion or sleep apnea- switch gears and drink tea.

• It significantly reduces the danger of heart strokes. Unwanted clots formed due to high levels of cholesterol and irregular blood platelets are major reasons for heart attacks. Tea acts as an effective catalyst in regulating blood cells and arteries, hence keeping in clean and clog free.

• Tea secures your bone strength. Along with the calcium that one gets through milk tea, bone strengthening components in the magic beverage gives energy to bones in the long run. A recent study conducted by a health department showed that people who drink tea had healthier bones in comparison to the ones who do not. It is not only the milk added to tea that constructs solid bones. Isn't this a great excuse for people who cannot stand the sight of milk?

• Tea gives you a healthy grin. It is a common myth that tea results in tooth decay, bad smelling mouth and discolouring. These problems mentioned above have sugar in tea to be blamed for. Tea, in fact, has high amounts of fluorides and tannins that work as anti-plaque agents. Also, natural tea sticks of various flavours such as jasmine, cardamom ginger, rose, etc. are very useful in maintaining a healthy set of teeth.

• The multi-benefit beverage increases immunity. When you consume tea regularly, your immune system becomes more resistant to foreign bacteria.

• Tea helps you manage weight. Green tea is the quintessential part of any person's diet who wants to lose or maintain weight. The healing properties of green tea help in speeding the process of weight loss without compromising on health.

• Even the lowest and slowest metabolic rates can be improved with regular consumption of herbal tea bag.

The key takeaways: make it a point to include tea in your daily diet, but do not over consume it to get its benefits. So, buy tea sticks online and lead a life that's healthy, happy and immune!

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