Con's of Home Security Doors


Having home security doors has its pro's and con's. With the modern technology advancing by the day, new systems hit the market every day. But do these systems serve their purposes as told? Are these systems genuine? Don't they have any disadvantages? The first thing you are told when purchasing or making an order is how good and efficient they are. No one ever tell you their disadvantages. Let's consider some of these home security doors disadvantages. 

Most of the doors we know of use keys. Key doors have advantages simply because you can make a couple and have each for your family member. But the same fact leaves the key doors vulnerable to master keys. Criminal minds amaze me how they work. They could come up with any possible theory and put it into action. The same happens with keys. They happen to come up with master keys for any lock. So having a door with keys is pruned to certain acts of crime. 

With our advanced technology systems, we now have doors that can be operated through smartphones. This is amazing, simply because you can operate your doors from anywhere possible and as long as you have your phone, you are good. But, what happens if your phone goes missing? You dropped it at the mall or someone stole it from you in the bus home? Does this mean you have no means of accessing your home? Yes, unless you have a backup plan. Smartphones can also be hacked into and that can leave your home vulnerable to thugs and any other criminal. 

Sensor doors combined with voice recognition are a favourite to many. This is because you do not need to worry about carrying around a bunch of keys. But, that is a far away advantage compared to its risks. Sensor doors can be hacked into and the sensor system can be shut down. Voice recognition can also be compromised by having your voice recorded. This can leave your systems shuttered and quite vulnerable to hacking at any given time. 

Home security doors Perth can be operated by family members. But this is not the case when you have finger print doors. If the doors only allow your finger prints to access your home, what happens to the other family members? Will they be locked out until you get home? This finger print system is also vulnerable to climate change. A change of weather could most possibly have you locked out of your own home. 
Before picking out door systems, have your facts right.