Patent Attorneys

Patent attorneys render a plethora of services relating to the segment of patent and intellectual property rights. They update you on details regarding patenting and apprise you on whether your invention can be patented or not and also whether it would be viable or not.

A patent attorney will help you out with submitting your patent registration application and offer you with suggestions about issues impinging on patents. Post the filing procedure, he’ll assist you in finding out whether your application has been accepted or rejected.

In case of an issue that contravenes your application, he’ll guide you on how to prepare and present evidence or proof attesting the originality of your invention. This stage usually comes just prior to the publication or notification in an official manner.

Patent attorneys also proffer litigation services that safeguard your invention from being unethically exploited while your patent application is sub-judice. In case your patent application is rejected, then he’ll help you to understand the reasons for the rejection. He’ll also apprise you on the grounds under which such an application is most likely to be disapproved. He’ll again start from scratch for re-submitting the application.

Patent attorneys also offer related and ancillary services relating to patenting and IP. A patent attorney tenders services relating to safety disclosures and giving legal protection to whistleblowers.

They also take on corporate bodies or government agencies when the inventor of an innovative technological process is unduly exploited by the same or when his pathbreaking invention is usurped or misappropriated by these entities.

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