Services Offered by Trademark Attorneys

Your trademark is the single most important business asset you will own. A trademark is a unique piece or text/image or 3d icon which differentiates your company and gives it a separate legal identity. Your marketing materials, brand promotions, business stationary and alls sales activities will include the use of your trademark. The process of selecting and registering a trademark is a long and difficult one and trademark attorneys will help you make your way out from the legal jungle.

A trademark attorney routinely researches brand new trade marks to see if they are suitable for registration. He carries out long electronic searches in the national database of trademarks to find out if there are any degrees of similarity between the proposed trademark and already existing ones. Based on the search results, the attorney advises clients on the availability of the particular trademark for registration. He will also advise on similar alternative trademarks which have a higher chance of acceptance.

Trademark lawyer is in charge of the entire process of trademark registration. They will regulate all the procedural details and advise on designing and potential copyright issues.

Trademark attorneys are experts of the intellectual property law and they have the legal authority to protect and enforce IP laws. Patents, copyrights, image presentation and designs are all managed by the attorney.

A trademark attorney provides a strategic advisory partnership with his clients and is also involved in the management and marketing promotion process.

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