How To Do Marketing with Business Cards

Your business cards are the best way to increase your like-ability factor. Ensure your name, designation, name of the company and the tagline strategically placed in the business card designs.

You can always mention the products or services at the back of the card. In addition, if you want to make it more appealing, add a famous quote that somehow captures the essence of your business.

Attend many events

Being a start-up is all about getting the nudges and pushes in the first few years. It also means making your presence felt at various places so that people can associate your company with you.

Attend business parties, social events such as fund raiser auctions, charity balls, business conferences and even exhibition display show that become a platform for you to share your business cards with prospective clients. Make sure you give them a follow-up call to anybody who has shown interest in your company.

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Share business cards with family, friends

In most cases, your initial break in business comes because of some relative in your family, mentor or friend. If your family and friends are supportive they will do everything to support your business including keeping your brochures or business cards in their shop.

Family wedding and important occasions are a great opportunity to share your business cards and promote your business.

The Printing

Before hiring the business card printers, you should visit them and check the quality of paper and the printing. If your flyer includes artwork that should be printed on good quality paper so as to be effective.

Ask Website design Sunshine Coast for sample business cards which have been printed for business or events similar to yours.

You may also use a promo pen for your marketing strategy.