A Successful Trade Show Exhibition

You need to work at making your stall stand out from the others at the exhibition. Focus on the most important features that customers will appreciate about your product or service and set your whole plan or scheme around it.

Special exhibition offers are another way to attract customers to your stall. If they feel like they are about to earn something or benefit by visiting your stall, they will flock toward it.

Generate Leads

When a potential customer walks up to your stall at an exhibition it is up to you to create a lead or transform a potential lead into a paid customer. In this sense you have to grab the opportunity and extract the details of every potential client.

Ask them to fill in their personal details in a register so you can keep informing them about new offers, product launches etc. Try and generate positive leads out of all the people who visit your stall at an exhibition. That is the key to achieving your targets.

Follow up

Once you wrap up after an exhibition, the real work begins.

During an exhibition it is easy to generate interest and increase awareness about your product or service. However, in order to retain clients or the interest generated during an exhibition by them it is important to conduct regular follow up calls.

You can either choose to send information booklets regarding your company and service to them or newsletters informing them of new launches. Furthermore, during the exhibition try to print information on new launches on offer on the exhibition displays. That will offer some continuity to the newsletter you send later.