The Process of CD Duplication

If you want to give yours CDs a professional look, then work diligently towards receiving the best services. Most good CD duplication services use renowned and highly reliable media. The duplication of CDs involves burning of digital information on the disks to ensure that the best reproduction is achieved.

Where the services are used?

CD duplication are ideally required for both music and data; they are also used in the distribution of corporate presentations, pdf documents and advertising literature as well.

The process of duplication

For duplication process to take place it requires the duplicator to have the CD-R drives which are more like the drivers found in the computers used by most people in their homes or even offices, the only difference could be that the production lines at professional CD duplication services have many CD-R drives. The process begins by burning of the information into one of the Sony’s CD-R disks then the CD-R orders duplication of copies which could be as many as 500 copies. This would take about 24 hours to do the duplication.

Option used for packaging

The plastic wallet is one of the most popular packaging options. The packaging wallets are clear such that it is possible for one to see the print on the CD; they are also of high quality of 150 micron. Apart from its quality this package is at an affordable price, and it protects the print and the record side of the CD. It is thus convenient for customers working on a constrained budget. Recently the 4-page dig pack has been invented, though it is quite expensive for orders that are short run. On the other hand on order quantities of above 1000 it has turned out to be competitive especially with the initially used traditional case album.

Charges for the duplication

Most of the orders placed for a plastic wallet are reasonably priced; this includes both the CD duplication services and the packing of the disk in the wallet. There could also be an option of ordering a two-page colour booklet or even a single page card inlay that can be inserted in the wallet. The booklet and the card are relatively cheaper than printing a card wallet.

Most services also offers either disc only or disc with packaging option, the option of disc only is only an option when the volume of the CDs required are small. The orders could range between 25 and 250 units and thus may not take a lot of time. However, it is to be eminent that if packaging is required, then the most convenient option for low budget orders is the clear plastic wallet.