Reasons why High End Escorts are Socially Acceptable Today in Australia

Escorts are advanced sophisticated versions of prostitutes and prostitution is a profession that has been labeled with stigma. Escorts were not supposed to appear at social functions and public events because the public looked upon them with disdain. The situation has undergone a drastic change today as many high end escorts appear at upscale events and social do’s. The public perception about escorts has undergone change and it would be interesting to note the reasons why.

Companionship and warmth

Most of the times hiring an escort is not only about the sex. It’s more about companionship issues and lack of proper people with whom you can carry out a decent conversation. Hiring a high class escorts will give you somebody with whom you can talk with till the wee hours of the morning. You can listen to fine music, sip wine and generally do stuff that you would normally do with your girlfriend. This is why escorts are said to provide the GFE (girlfriend experience). If you go travelling you can hire an escort to go along with you. Escorts provide so many different kinds of comforts that they are gradually being recognised as an integral part of the society.

Fulfilling repressed needs

It’s a common social fact that repressed sexual feelings in men have led to high crime rates for women. In a society where prostitution is legal and there are escorts who are socially accepted it’s safer for women. There is less chance of sexual frustration building up and leading to crimes like rape, molestation etc.