Choosing Floral Tributes

One of the best ways to choose flowers for a funeral service is to have flowers that were a favourite of the deceased. Not only will they honour the memory of the dead, it will also have an impact on the ones attending the funeral and they will remember the one gone by with fond memories. Choosing flowers this way can be your own special way of saying goodbye to a loved friend or family member.

Choose flowers according to their colours

The green of nature has always been used to represent health, vitality, and Life. These would be a bad choice for a funeral as the meaning of colour would clash horribly with the purpose of the funeral. So instead, talk to your funeral director and choose flowers in colours that have some significance to the event. White for instance is a colour that represents peace and calm and is a soothing colour in every occasion. It would make a perfect colour to buy flowers in for a funeral. So would the colour blue, as it too has a calming and peaceful effect. Moreover, the colours white and blue are reminiscent of a clear blue sky, and it completely goes with the idea of the soul of the deceased being taken to heaven.

Memorial Services

A memorial service is held after the burial or the cremation has taken place, and can be held almost anywhere – even in the house of the deceased.