Furniture Upholsterer

Furniture upholsterers are trained to do repair jobs on old furniture where the existing upholstery is in a bad condition. They are capable of performing tasks which include repairing existing upholstered furniture which is in a bad condition and needs new springs, or covers, webbing, or even a new padding. Before any replacement work is done the upholsterer should discuss the color of the fabric and the style to be used for the new upholstery with his clients and take their approval for the new material and design.

The upholsterer can also staple lengths of loose webbing (which are a kind of wide tape) on to the underside of the frame of the furniture and use this webbing as a base for creating new padding by stretching it from one side to the other. If the springs in the furniture piece are loose, then the upholsterer can lace the tops of the existing springs together and tie them up so that sideways movement of the springs is restricted and use this to staple the hessian to the furniture frame.

Furniture upholsterer Brisbane can cut and fit new foam padding on the furniture to replace old ones. He can also make covering material for the furniture, and create decorative braids, trims, and buttons or calico designs to cover up the staples that can be seen on the furniture.


If your furniture is still under warranty, you may be doing yourself more harm than good by taking things in your own hands. You will not be able to claim the warranty if you damage the upholstery by mistake. Professionals will be able to save you from incurring a loss.

To maintain the quality of your furniture, a regular furniture uphostery cleaning is advised.

Interior designers are professionals who know on how to properly choose the right furniture for your home.

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