Buying Gourmet Coffee Beans

If you want to study about the distinctive flavours of coffee found in separate geographical regions you will find it’s a whole new amazing subject. However for those of you who do not want to delve into the depths of this it’s enough to simply check if the roasting company has specifically listed the name of the farm or cooperative/ county from where the beans have been sourced.

Simply reading this will give you an idea that the company is honest and responsible enough to be truthful before you buy coffee beans.

The degree of Roast

Some people mistakenly assume that the degree of roast will indicate the caffeine content of the coffee. However roasting doesn’t increase the caffeine content it only brings subtle nuances in the flavor.

Lightly roasted coffee is the typical coffee bean flavor you find in international coffee chains. Medium roasted beans are sweeter because pyrolysis has released the trapped sugars inside the bean. Dark roasted beans have a smoky or charred taste and are known as French, Italian or Spanish Roast (depending on the degree).

The Super Important Date

The Date is the most important thing to look out for when you are inspecting the packet of any gourmet coffee bean. The Roast Date should be specifically printed on the packet as heavily roasted beans lose their flavor after two weeks (in spite of superior packaging).

If the manufacturing company has not specified the roast date on the packet don’t buy that brand of coffee as you are likely to be wasting your money.

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