Use of Sheepskins Car Seat Covers

Sheepskins car seat covers are an easy to use material. Moreover, unlike foam based car seat covers and leather based covers, sheepskin doesn’t allow for dirt or stains to accumulate easily.

Of course if you don’t wash the covers regularly there will eventually be long term staining and marks or even dirt. However, the material as such doesn’t get dirty as easily as others may. This is especially beneficial if you already lead a hectic life and don’t find time to wash your car seat covers often.

Protecting your seats and interiors

Although some car owners may choose to go in for car seat covers to add to the glamour and luxury element of their car, in reality car seat covers offer a lot more. Car seat covers help protect the original seats and car interiors. Should the car seats get stained beyond recognition it may bring down the resale value of your car.

The material of Sheepskins car seat covers is strong and hand washing or drying it in the sun will not necessarily affect its quality. However, in order to maintain the original colour and lustre it is advisable to dry the covers away from direct sunlight. Too much sunlight may turn the material brittle. Furthermore, if you choose to hand wash it yourself; be sure not to use hot water. Luke warm water or cold water will maintain the quality of the material for a longer period of time.