A Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Vacuum Bags

The first vacuum cleaner bag appeared as early as 1900; these bags were made of reusable cloth filters. The concept of a disposable vacuum bag was introduced in 1920 by an American company. Commercial vacuum bags remain extremely popular since then even with the recent introduction of bag less vacuums.

Types of Vacuum Bags

Commercial vacuum bags used in upright cleaners are long and made of a fibrous material. These kinds of cleaners always suck dirt from the ground via a long tube which contains the bag inside it. These bags are generally disposable and are available in packs. There are many manufacturers selling these bags and some designs are specific to particular brands. These bags are available in a range of sizes and quality variations.

Canister cleaners are smallish squat machines with pipes attached to it and an adjustable nozzle shaped structure at the end. The main motor of the cleaner is situated in the canister where it helps in sucking dirt through the pipe and the nozzle. These kinds of vacuums are heavier but offer great maneuvering ability and power.

If you are looking for vacuum bags for these kinds of machines, you must purchase square and short vacuum bags. Remember to quote your exact model number (of your vacuum cleaner) when you shop for these bags.

Bags are available in a range of sizes from A to Z. Generally type C bags are used in upright cleaners while bags of type G are used in hand operated vacuum cleaners.