How to Choose Commercial Ware Washing Equipment?

Commercial warewashing generally refers to dishwashing solutions in the food supply and restaurant industry. There are several different kinds of commercial ware washing equipment available today. However, depending on the size of your eatery and objective of use you will have to choose a model that best suits your purpose.

When it comes to choosing commercial ware washing equipment you have to be careful about the kind of equipment you pick.

Understand the uses and advantages of different models

There are several different kinds of commercial ware washing equipment available to choose from. Different models come in various sizes offering different kinds of technological advantages.

There are a variety of conveyor belt dishwashers, conveyor dishwashers, vertical dishwashers, door type dishwashers, under counter commercial dishwashers etc. Furthermore, every different model is built for certain purposes.

For instance, some may be best suited for washing glass and crockery while others may specifically be built to wash cooking vessels. Before you take a pick it is important to understand the differences of each so you are in a better position to make a sound decision.

Identify your core purpose

Most eateries start out with manual labour and gradually advance to using mechanised equipment for cooking and cleaning purposes. Before you decide to install commercial ware washing equipment in your kitchen it helps to identify the core purpose of the equipment.

For instance, will you be using it to clean your serving ware or cooking utensils?

You will also need to identify the quantity of the wares that need to be washed daily depending on the average strength of customers. These factors will help you choose commercial ware washing equipment that serves your purpose best.