Slat Beds vs Ensemble Beds

Platform ensembles do not have any spring system. They do not contribute to transfer of movements from one area to another. A platform ensemble bed has a box base to hold a mattress. The space underneath the box offers storage space.

There is every possibility of the frame breaking and the mattress falling through, particularly if the person lying above is quite bulky.

Pros of Ensemble Beds over Slat Beds

Offer Mattress Longevity – A slat bed does not support the mattress as well as an ensemble bed does. It allows the mattress to sag after a short period and reduces the longevity of the mattress. An ensemble bed holds the mattress firmly to make it last a long time.

Safer for the Sleeper – Most slat beds do not have a central beam to prop up the slats. This could cause the slats to warp with time. An unsuspecting individual using the bed would not know the actual condition of the slats. This may lead to an unfortunate accident any time. A person may fall through and sustain injuries.

Level of Comfort – Ensemble beds do not make creaking noises and are quieter than slat beds. Most people lying down on a slat bed can feel the slats through the mattress. Additionally, an ensemble bed with box springs offers more support than a slat bed.

Offer a Cost Effective Option – Ensembles are cheaper than slat beds. In addition, since they allow a greater longevity to the mattress, they are cheaper in the end. You do not need to change the mattress frequently.