What to Consider When Buying Men’s Designer Shoes

The Heels

Ideally you should not wear heels at all, but if you are below 5 feet in height, you may need to wear them. If you do, choose heels which are mot more than 3 – 4 cms in height. Wearing extra high heels only draws attention to your short stature. The difference in height is obvious and you can usually tell the height of heels which are right for you just by trying them on, but if you are not confident about it, carry a measuring tape with you when you go shoe shopping.

The Shape of the Toes

Toe shapes should not be too symmetrical; they only make you look like a nerd. Toe shapes in men's dress shoes should not be pointy, rounded or a perfect square. Choose something that has an elegant curve and fits your foot. This will compliment your over all outfit and make you look chic and graceful. However, do not compromise on comfort. Choose shoes which fit well and comfortably, even at the cost of a slightly elongated toe box.

Second Opinion

You are the one who will be wearing the shoes so your decision is final, but it never hurts to get the opinion of others. Bring along a trusted friend or relative who know you well and is familiar with your tastes. He can advise you on the latest trends and help you strike a balance between comfort and style. If you have to shop alone, you can ask the advice of fashion experts.