Stay Away from Water Skiing Enema

Water skiing, like every other sport, has a fair count of dangers attached to it. When discussing injuries related to water skiing, it is rather obvious for people to mull over external injuries at first. Because broken limbs, bones are normally the injurious you tend to associate with water skiing. But did you know water skiing can cause internal fatalities as well?

What is it

Water skiing enema is a condition which develops if the internal organs acquire damage after suffering a water skiing mishap. In case of women, severe injuries in the vaginal area, perineum or rectum can happen if the water skier falls off into the water at high speed. The extent of the injuries determines whether the patient is suffering from water skiing douche or water skiing enema.

The Injuries

When a female skier crashes into the water with greater force, the impact with which her buttocks hit the water, causes water to enter the vaginal area and cause internal injury. Depending on how much water has flooded into the vagina, determines the extent of injury. Generally, the flood of water in the body cavity can damage the uterus, bladder, cervix, Fallopian tubes, and even lead to slits in the vaginal wall.

Never take up this water sport challenge if you don’t have a professional ski instructor going with you. The instructors are well aware of the pitfalls of the sport, and will take good care of you while you’re getting towed behind the boat.

You should seek a professional advice from your dietician if you want to go on a protein diet.