Tips for Choosing Dress for a Pear Shape Body

Womens fashion is riddled with all sorts of choices. This can be directly attributed to the various body shapes and structures that women have. In order to always make sure that you buy the right dress or outfit it is first necessary to identify your body shape. This will help you know what will suit your body structure and what won’t.

Dresses that hide your lower curves

Women with pear shaped bodies traditionally have heavier thighs and hips. When you have a pear shaped body, it is important to choose clothes that hide or cover your thighs in such a way that it makes you look slim.

Fortunately women’s fashion includes a variety of styles and cuts ideally suited for pear shaped bodies. The kind of dress that will look good on a pear shaped body is typically one that is flared from the waist down or cut straight.

Choose a dress that highlights your upper body

As a woman you need to identify the part of your body you are comfortable highlighting when you dress. Most women who have pear shaped bodies prefer to hide their thighs and hips.

If you are one of them you should always choose a dress that highlights your upper body, shoulders and neck. Typically, dresses that have smart slits at the top, sleeveless dresses and one shouldered dresses should do the trick.