Luxury Boat Hire for All Occasions

Imagine celebrating a very special occasion on a luxury liner, where you and your guests are greeted with the warm hospitality of the crew, bountiful servings of sumptuous food, beautiful music, and a view that is incomparable. Luxury boat hire is available for all special occasions. They offer packages from small to large size of people. There are charter boats for guests below 36 people and charter boats that can accommodate to as much as 70 persons or more. A cruise fleet is also available for even larger groups. Luxury boat hire is an exciting alternative for those who are seek to party in a place that they can call their own. All boats are inspected thoroughly and guests can be assured that all boats passed the safety standard requirements.

Kinds of luxury boat hire

1) Small skippered charter- this boat is ideal for honeymooners for it can only accommodate a maximum of four persons. It is equipped with a cover for sun and rain protection. It has bathroom facilities, on board entertainments such as music, food, and wine are available.

2) 36 feet skippered charter- this kind of boat can accommodate a group of ten persons, including children. There are seats located on the rear deck, flybridge, and indoor saloon. The magnificent views can be seen from the rear deck.

3) Skippered charter for 45 persons- this luxury boat hire is ideal for small parties or corporate events. It has a vast space and outdoor barbecue party can be done on board. The spectacular view of the surroundings can be viewed from the upper and front deck.

4) Skippered charter for 800 persons- this is the biggest fleet and it is ideal for big parties such as weddings. It has private rooms within the boat and it can be taken on longer distances.

Whatever the occasion is- be it for a small group or large group of people, luxury boat hire is an alternative place to celebrate an occasion. There is nothing more like having fun in a luxury boat where guests can enjoy the sun, wind, and the company of the special people in their lives. Where you can you find a party place that offers a spectacular and breathtaking view but only from luxury boat hire. It is an experience that you will forever cherish. So whether you are planning a party for your birthday, wedding, anniversaries, and even company team building, luxury boat hire can provide all the services for you-from food catering to music to pictorials.